The Mighty Wiper

Introducing the Mighty Wiper! A windshield wiper motor specially designed for street rods and small windshields. This motor is compact, and will mount in the header of most street rods. Arms longer than 9″ and blades longer than 8 1/4″ should not be used on the Mighty Wiper.  Using the Mighty Wiper outside of this application is not recommended or warranted.

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  • For 12 volt electrical systems (6 volt version available on special order).
  • Ultra compact size and shape for easy fit.
  • Low amp draw – less than ONE amp!
  • Comes with bezel blank (or use the one that came on your car).
  • 110 degree wipe arc. (Non-adjustable)
  • Shaft lengths available are: 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″, 2 1/2″ and 3″.
  • Available for straight shaft or taper shaft arms.
  • Manufacturers 2 years defect guarantee.
  • Made in the USA with top quality materials.

All your questions about the Mighty Wiper are answered here:

Will the Mighty Wiper fit in my car? Click here for dimensions of the Mighty Wiper.
How hard is it to wire the Mighty Wiper? Wiring diagram for
Mighty Wiper Instructions 2021
Does the Mighty Wiper have more than one speed? The Mighty Wiper runs at only one speed when controlled with a standard on/off switch.  There are no commercially available multiple-speed switches.
How do I make my own bezel? Complete bezel instructions are here.
What styles of arms and blades are available? Photos and descriptions are here.
What does the Mighty Wiper cost? Our complete catalog is here.

Note: you must use one unit per wiper. The Mighty Wiper cannot be used to drive two arms!