RainGear Wipers - '57 Chevy

The mid-50’s Chevys are great cars, aren’t they?  Except for the darned wiper system!  GM’s cable and spool experiment lasted just long enough for their designers to realize that it didn’t work. Chevy owners have had to put up with the stretched and broken cables for forty years — BUT NO LONGER!  Our RainGear line solves this problem for 1953-57 Chevy cars and 1953-62 Chevy Corvettes.

We also manufacture systems for 1947-1959 Chevy/GMC trucks, 1948-56 Ford trucks and early Carmaro/Firebird/Novas.  While these vehicles did not use the cable and spool system, often the original system is worn out or in the case of a project vehicle, missing entirely.   Our system will replace the sometimes hard to find original parts with a modern alternative.

The RainGear wiper system is a rugged, time tested and proven, lever and link windshield wiper system.  It is specifically designed to completely replace the original factory wiper system.

Because RainGear systems fits entirely under the dash, you can remove the old firewall mounted motor entirely.  This will free up engine compartment room for that big block motor or give more clearance for an HEI distributor.  Or you can leave the old wiper motor in for authenticity.

The exterior uses the original arms, blades and trim.  Both the standard and intermittent switches can use the original knob and information bezel, again retaining perfect authenticity.  In fact, no one will know you have the RainGear system installed, except that when it rains others will be struggling to see out their windshield while you will clearly see the road ahead.


  • 12 volt, 5 amp, 2 speed electric motor.
  • Heavy duty brackets, links and wiper towers.
  • Weather-sealed electrical parts.
  • No drilling! Uses stock mounting points.
  • Uses original arms, blades, trim, knob and bezel.
  • Optional intermittent switch.
  • Optional washer unit.
  • Fully guaranteed.
  • Includes comprehensive, illustrated installation instructions.
  • Made in the USA with top quality materials.