• Great product!

    I shopped around for a while before I found this kit.  My old wiper linkage and motor was shot, but I was hesitant to spend this much on an upgrade, but glad I did.  The ugly old wiper motor covered up half of one of the big block valve covers, so this was a great option to get rid of that ugly duckling under my hood.  The engineering and quality that went into this system is some of the best I have seen.  The brackets are all coated very well and the hardware is all stainless.  You have to use the RainGear switch, but it came with a knob that looked like the stock one.  Someone put a lot of time into the instructions because they are very detailed and the only time I had a problem is when I didn’t follow them exactly (I hate it when that happens).  When I was done, the wipers weren’t parking perfectly, so I sent RainGear an email since it was a holiday weekend.  Randy called and left me a message a little while later on how to correct the problem at 7PM on a Saturday night!  I thought I was stalled for a few days, but I was able to finish it up.  That is customer service at its finest.
  • Well worth the investment for my 1969 Camaro

    Just a quick note to tell you I received my new RainGear wiper assembly
    and washer for my 1969 Camaro. I have them both installed
    and they work flawlessly. I am amazed at the engineering that went into
    these and the precision fit in the air box. They are well worth the
    investment for my 1969 Camaro. No more clunk clunk as my wipers work, and my old
    windshield washer never sprayed washer fluid as well as this one does.
    For me the hardest part of the assembly was replacing the wiper switch
    on a installed dash, even that became easier after I removed the drivers
    seat for more room to work under the dash.
    As a fellow Oregonian I am sure you know the benefits of a well working
    wiper system. 🙂

    Thanks RainGear, Gerald Springer
  • Great service!

    I completely restored and replaced just about every part on my 55 Chevy. Had a problem with my Raingear wipers until I called Randy at Raingear. He solved it using a step by step method that got it resolved in no time. Worked with a lot of venders in my life being 67 and have found Randy at Raingear to be above the best. Definitely would recommend the Raingear system to people.
  • Raingear Electric Windshield Wiper Kit

    I purchased a Raingear Electric Windshield Wiper Motor for my 1956 Chevy Belair.  When I received it I called and spoke with Randy regarding a few questions I had.  Randy was extremely helpful and took his time with me to make sure my questions were answered.  I am more than pleased with the motor.  It was easy to install and works perfectly.  I would definitely recommend this product and company.  I will be using their products again.
  • Great Customer Care

    There was a problem with a packing of the kit and was nervous dealing with customer service.. Some of the major Brands have forgotten that, But that fear was put  to rest in the first 5 min.  of talking with the the owner.  Needless to say parts were shipped asap to rectify the problem and another happy customer … hardware look’s well thought out and of great quality… thanks again, Marv.
  • Satisfied Customer

    I installed the conversion kit wiper system in my 61 corvette and the wipers work great. What a great improvement over the original wipers. This kit is what GM should have installed to begin with. In any case, the instructions were flawless, and the wiper system installed easily. If you plan on installing a Vintage Air Conditioning system as well, make sure you install the wiper kit first.  Customer and technical support was great as well. They helped me get the right wiper switch to fit my application with the AC unit.