The Mighty Wiper – Wiring Diagram

It’s been several years since we’ve been able to source a 2-speed switch for the Mighty Wiper.  We are pleased to announce that we have found a solution for those of you that really, really want a 2-speed Mighty Wiper.

Below is a wiring diagram for a Do-It-Yourself 2-speed Switch.  Pretty cool, eh?  With this setup, the motor will wipe at approximately 60 cycles per minute on high speed and 45 per minute on low speed.

It does require you to source a couple of components from Radio Shack or your local electronics store.  There is a bit of soldering required.  If you’re not comfortable doing that, you’ll need to find someone that can do the soldering for you.

Note the orientation of the diodes. They have a stripe on one end and those stripes need to be aligned as shown in the diagram!

You’ll need to house the completed circuit board in a small box of some kind.  Electronics stores carry small plastic “project boxes” which would do the trick.  And you’ll need figure out how to mount the box out of sight under the dash.

Please note that the Mighty Wiper cannot be controlled by any General Motors column-mounted wiper switches!  This is due to the fact that GM switches control the wiper motor via the ground wire and our system MUST be controlled by switching the positive wire as per the wiring diagram shown below.

When wiring two Mighty Wipers to one switch using this wiring diagram please note that the wipers will not necessarily wipe in sync but both wipers will park correctly when the switch is turned off.

Click on the diagram to open a full-size version in PDF format.
That file can then be saved to your computer or printed out for reference.