The Mighty Wiper – Bezel Fabrication

If the original bezels cannot be used or you want a custom look, fabricate bezels using the drilled round aluminum stock supplied with the kit.

Round off one end to form the front of the outer bezel.  Then use a hack saw to cut the round stock at an angle which fits against the bodywork, so that the motor shaft will be perpendicular to the glass surface.  Carefully file the angled surface to fit the contour of the car’s sheet metal.  Trial fit the outer bezel, then file a little more for final fit.  When you are satisfied, sand it smooth with #600 sandpaper and polish it with metal polish for a high luster.  Clear coat with spray lacquer.

mwbezelNext, fabricate an inner bezel from the remaining round stock. Use the angle cut against the inside of the body. This will sandwich the body between the bezels and create a secure mounting for the wiper motor.  See diagram at left.  The other end of the inner bezel, cut off square, goes against the Mighty Wiper motor’s inner adjusting nut on the wiper shaft.

To help stop any water from leaking into the car put a small amount of RTV silicone around the mounting hole, under the outer bezel.

Some of our customers have purchased a piece of gasket material from their local auto parts store and cut out gaskets to go between the bezel and the car body. A gasket under the outer bezel will keep water out and protect the paint, a gasket between the inner bezel and car body will reduce noise transfer.